Working Capital - Loans for business expenses such as, advertising, wages, rents, and other operational costs. Often these loans are secured by tangible assets or, in the case of long-standing good credit, by the "full faith and credit" of the company.

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Industries using Factoring Services

Here are some of the primary industries that utilize Factoring. Some of these industries have structural issues that require factoring in order to survive. The common thread within these industries is their structural need for cash flow due. Small start-ups would not be able to survive in this business climate without the factoring services. Since the companies in the industry have to pay their employees and suppliers on a regular basis they need a steady cash flow to grow.

Industries Benefiting from Factoring:

Manufacturing Recruiting
Construction Staffing
Engineering Printing
Distributors Refrigeration
Transportation/Logisitics IT Staffing
Trucking Courier

Industries Using Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is used for estabilished companies that sell or distribute finished goods. Trade with overseas manufacturers is desirable since the goods will typically be secured by a letter of credit. The purchase order is for goods that already have been sold but require the funds in order to manufacture them and get them to the customer.

Distributors Manufacturers
Brokers Wholesalers



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